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Standard Cooking Classes

Main Dish pad See EwAll classes are hands-on.  You will cook.
Phensri guides you through the entire process. 

You will learn to cook the most popular non-vegetarian and vegetarian Thai main dishes.
She will explain the use of the most important Thai ingredients and how you use them.

Class 1b Other Main Dishes


pad se eu curries glass noodles
ginger fish veggies Yellow curry
more veggies  drunken noodes  salmon 
 NJ Old Bridge NY Manhattan
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Pad See EwDrunken / Spicy Noodles
Yellow Curry
Tamarind Dishes (fish etc.)
Stir Fry Glass Noodles Ginger Dishes
 Cashew Dishes
Steamed Fish w Ginger
Vegetarian Dishes
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Class 2 Appetizers Soups Salads Desserts (ASD)

tum yumPhensri takes you through the entire preparation of some of the most popular Thai Appetizers and Desserts. She will teach you not only to put together these exciting dishes but she will show you the artistic techniques to make your dishes look as delightful as they taste 



shrimp n blanket  tum ka gai soup  thai beef salad 
spring roll  curry puff  deep fried calamari 
deepfried ice cream  papya salad  chicken satay 
Class Info NJ NJ Hoboken Class info NYC
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Shrimp in Blanket
Tom Yum or
Tom Ka Gai Soup
Thai Salads
>Curry Puff
Stuffed Wonton Skins
Spring Roll
Papaya Salad
Thai Iced Tea
Sticky Rice w Mango
Fried Ice Cream
Deep Fried Calamari
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As a past Vegetarian for 8 years Chef Phensri ensures you are taught to make your own dishes totally vegetarian.
As you are aware restaurants in the back cannot be trusted to adhere to vegetarian standards.


Most dishes listed in her catalog and all class types can be prepared vegetarian style using veggies and tofu instead of meat.

Additionally Phensri manufactures her own branded Fantastic Thai Vegetarian all in one sauces which you can purchase.

 Once you have learnt you will have your own worry free delicious veggie dishes for yourself and your friends :-)

Cost :REGULAR CLASSES (1a, 1b or 2)

New Jersey: Old Bridge $65 per person
New York: $129 (group discounts apply)

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